Decent Work Criteria

Recruitment Process

Jobseeker fills out an application form at the NEP employment center.

NEP Employment Officer conducts a short interview with the jobseeker at the employment center.

NEP Employment Officer matches the jobseeker’s profile with the vacancies on the NEP database and nominates him/her to the vacancies that best suit the profile.

Jobseeker is offered the most relevant vacancies and can select which ones interest him/her.

Jobseeker is offered a two-day job preparation training at the NEP employment center to prepare him/her for the job interview and the employment in the formal sector.

NEP Employment Officer arranges job interviews with the selected employers for the jobseeker and informs about location and time of the interview.

NEP Employment Officer supports the jobseekers if there are any questions regarding the employment contract.

NEP follows up with the jobseeker on the phone…

    • 1 week after placement to ensure that he/she has started the new job
    • 1 month after placement to ensure that he/she has received the first salary
    • 3 months after placement to ensure that he/she is registered for social and health insurance
    • 6 months after placement and each and every 6 months to check whether he/she needs any additional support   

Eligibility Criteria

The NEP offers placement services free of charge for jobseekers that fulfill the following criteria:

– Egyptian citizen with a national identification card – we do not accept an Egyptian passport as means of identification. – Youth aged from 18 to 35 years.
– Completed military service or military exemption letter or official postponement document.
– No criminal record.
– Not insured by any entity (i.e. Engineers’ syndicate).

The NEP does not require that the applicant has any educational degree.
The NEP provides mainly blue-collar job opportunities. Only 5% of the vacancies available are white collar positions.

The NEP has established close partnerships with over 700 employers and has collected over 70,000 vacancies on its IT-supported database. The employment officer will select job opportunities for you based on your preferences and qualifications. The NEP will then arrange for you job interviews with the employers that interest you.

No, there are no fees for the NEP’s services at any point of the placement process.

Yes, you will first be interviewed by the NEP employment officer. Once the employment officer nominated you for a job, you will be interviewed by the HR department of the employer.

You should bring your national identification (ID) card.

Yes, the NEP is dedicated to provide fair and safe employment opportunities for women. Actually more that 20% of all placements are female.

The NEP targets youth, both women and men, aged from 18 to 35 years who are seeking a blue collar employment.

The NEP’s main focus is on blue collar jobs. However, around 5% of the vacancies the NEP offers are white collar.

Yes, every employment opportunity offered by the NEP provides both social and medical insurance.

Yes, the NEP offers limited job opportunities that suit students’ schedules.

You must have either fulfilled your military obligation, or have it postponed or be exempted. You will have to provide documentation of your status.

Yes, you can apply for a job up to three times.

By applying through the NEP, you will receive carefully selected job opportunities that best match your profile. All jobs offered fulfil Decent Work criteria like fair salaries, insurance and safety standards. You will also be offered individual advice and training opportunities.

No, you cannot apply for a job if you have a criminal record.